At parking, we offer two plans so that we can provide comfortable service that meets customer’s needs. Guests with lots of luggage, children, traveling with senior citizens etc. are various customers! It is! Please leave your car with a plan that meets your needs.


When you leave, it is a plan to deliver your car to the airport

When you leave, a shuttle bus will pick you up at the airport


■ Flow of departure date (delivery plan, common to all transportation plans) ■

After acceptance, we will send you to Narita airport by our shuttle bus.  >> Our map is here

>>>>> departure

An illustration An illustration An illustration An illustration


We will deliver your car to the airport terminal to the airport.
<<<<< Arrive    

An illustration An illustration An illustration

When you leave, a shuttle bus will pick you up at the airport.

<<<<< Arrive

An illustration An illustration An illustration An illustration

■ Transport Options ■
Recommended for those who want to minimize the time loss when leaving Japan, big luggage, lots of luggage.
Those who wish to use the following plan, please be sure to confirm by telephone.
※ During busy seasons, due to personnel, we may not be able to accept.

1) Terminal reception plan · · · +2000 yen
It is a

plan to go directly to Narita airport upon departure and receive / accept my car at the terminal. 2) Drive-through plan … +1000 yen
It is a plan to pick you up from the airport by your car as it is after

accepting at the reception desk at departure . (There is no time lost because there is no change of luggage so you do not have a shuttle bus.) ■ Maintenance option ■ 1) Car washing plan ····· ordinary car + 500 yen , RV car + 1000 yen The
car wash car wash plans also We are located. Please tell us at the reception.

2) Lubrication plan · · · 500 yen ~
I will refuel by the time I return home.






At the parking area Narita reception place is the same place as
“Narita parking lot service reception” so please come to “Narita parking service”.
Address: 136 Komaiino, Narita-shi, Chiba-ken

for directions to our parking lot 


1) At Narita toll station there are exits called Narita city and airport. Please go here in the direction of Narita city.
Since it is on the left side facing the front, you can go out smoothly by taking the lane in front of you in advance.
2) As you go a little further there is a branch and there is a sign called Narita city center and airport. Please proceed to the direction of the airport here.
The lane is almost straight but it is a branch on the right. Please run right in advance.
3) There is a signal when going straight ahead. I can only turn right here.
There is a sign of Komigawa 295 line under the signal.
4) Please turn right after turning right. After a while there is an ANA hotel on the left side and NTS Narita parking service will be visible. At Horinouchi intersection, turn left at Norita parking lot service at NTS.


Weekend of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and a public holiday No charge, service charge and basic charge are included.
We offer 2 best deals
(delivery plan, pick-up plan) as basic transfer plan.

■ Pickup plan · · When you leave, the shuttle bus will pick you up at the airport (our departure bus at departure)

Number of days used Regular fee (tax included) Our basic charge (tax included)
1 day
¥ 2,100

\ 945
2 days
¥ 4,200

\ 1,890
3 days
¥ 6,300

\ 2,835
\ 7,350

\ 3,308
\ 8,400

\ 3,780
6th –
(per day)

\ 1,050 UP

\ 473UP


■ Delivery plan · When returning, we deliver your car to the airport (our departure bus at departure)


Number of days used Regular fee (tax included) Our basic charge (tax included)
1 day
¥ 4,200

3,045 yen
2 days
¥ 6,300

\ 3,990
3 days
¥ 8,400

\ 4,935
\ 9,450

\ 5,408
\ 10,500

\ 5,880
6th –
(per day)

\ 1,050 UP

\ 473UP

■ Separately, the consumption tax will be charged to the above fee.
■ High Season, New Year (December 20 – January 5 departure) · GW · Summer vacation period will be charged 1,050 yen (tax included) separately.
■ “extended stay” and “reduced stay” after accepting the parking lot will be charged 525 yen (tax included) per day.
■ Delivery of items left behind after reception of the parking lot will be charged 1,050 yen (tax included) separately.
■ We will deposit the mini bus at twice the above fee. In addition, it becomes the reservation only with the delivery plan.


Various option plan price list (tax included)
■ Drive Through Plan When you
leave Japan, it is a plan to pick you up at the parking lot and pick you up at the airport with your car.
\ 1,050
■ Washing plan Please contact the staff at the time of stocking for customers wishing for car wash.
Business name: (with) Bee Round
Establishment: May 2002
Capital: 5,000,000 yen
Representative: Kuramochi KazuakiHeadquarters: Ibaraki Prefecture Inashiki-gun Ami-cho Central 1-4-8
T E L: 029-891-3422
F A X: 029-891-3423Haneda Parking Division: 2-19-4 Keihinjima, Ota-ku, Tokyo
T E L: 03-5755-2286
F A X: 03-5755-2271

Narita Parking Division: Chiba Prefecture Narita City Komai 136
T E L: 0476-33-0805
F A X: 0476-33-3344

Total number of employees: 65



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