I use the first flight, is it okay? Is it?
Please be assured we will be open from early morning to last flight. We are open from 5:00 so that we can leave early in the morning with departure. We are open to the last flight for late night.
Is it all included in the displayed price? Is it?
Consumption tax, transportation fee, insurance custody fee are all included, but only the terminal plan, when you leave the multipurpose parking lot fee 400 to 600 yen in the airport is required separately. ※ consumption tax not included
I am planning to extend and extend my stay? Is it?
We will add the difference of the extra night fee which is in the price list of the homepage.Also, please contact us if you wish to stay overnight after departure from your car.
If your flight is delayed and you arrive after midnight late fee will be charged? Is it?
There is no arrival after midnight on ordinary flights, but if it arrives after midnight on and after midnight due to flight delay or bad weather, it will not be treated as overtime.
How do I pay? Is it?
At departure, we will pay you in cash at the site and issue a receipt and deposit at the same time. ※ We do not handle card payment.
Is there a cancellation fee? Is it?
We do not have a cancellation fee, but please be sure to contact us as we have a scheduled shuttle.
I canceled the flight on the day but is there a charge? Is it?
A day trip fee will be charged as soon as you send us to the airport. However, depending on the situation on that day there is a part that the site manager decides.
Is there any big baggage? Is it?
In the case of a pick-up plan, it’s all right if you have enough luggage to rest on the carriage of a wagon for transportation.
Is there a limitation of the car? Is it?
There are no restrictions on the car, car height, foreign car, car with roof box etc .. However, the terminal plan can not store cars that can not be put into a multi-level parking lot (height 2.3 m width 2.1 m length 5.7 m or less) The transfer plan can not store remodeled cars with a low car height.
Is a child seat attached to the shuttle car? Is it?
There are currently no child seats due to circumstances such as cars. There are many people with infants recently, but you have to hold or hold them on your lap. Although we can pick you up without any problem now, we will consider about child seats in the future.
Is it okay with a pet ride? Is it?
It is okay if you can move by pet basket (gauge). It is safe to hold a small pet on the knee, but please refrain without a gauge in case of a large pet.
Is insurance, management system okay? Is it?
The security system is perfect. Insurance is also available for all cars. Please be assured that the greatest attention is paid in the manned state during the majority of time zones. ※ Insurance fee is not separately available.
What if there were problems in the parking lot? Is it?
In the case of only the cases that are deemed to be covered (in case of obviously management problems of our company), we basically compensate by insurance covered by all vehicles.However, please do not leave valuables in the car absolutely.
Can you deposit the keys of the car? Is it?
In order to make it possible for you to smoothly deliver the car so that we do not have trouble with our customers, we will keep the keys of the car due to the determination of the location in the parking lot and the reason for adjustment movement in case of need I will.


Where is the interchange at parking? Is it?
East Kanto Auto Road It is getting off Narita IC. Please confirm with the guide map for details.
What is the opening hours? Is it?
AM 6: From 30 you can receive goods. We correspond from the first flight.
What happens when an accident occurs while forwarding? Is it?
If an accident happens while our employee is in transit, we will respond within the insurance limit by automobile insurance or custodian liability insurance covered by our company.
The car height is low, but is it okay? Is it?
While traveling on an ordinary road, damage under the vehicle etc. will be kept under the condition of exemption.
What is the guarantee content that deposits the vehicle? Is it?
Regarding accidents (moving) and theft of vehicles due to our employee’s in transit, we will respond by our designated insurance. (Within the limit amount)
What if there is a scratch by the 10-yen coin in the car? What if the car navigation is stolen? Is it?
It becomes immunity.
When will I pay the fee? Is it?
Payment will be made at the time of receipt.
Can I use credit? Is it?
It will only pay cash.
Due to travel reasons, I was supposed to stay extra night, but how much is the extra charge? Is it?
Extended nightly fee of 525 yen per day will be charged.
Due to the circumstances of the trip, I am supposed to come back earlier than planned, will the difference come back? Is it?
The difference will not be returned. (Refunds after receipt can not be done.)
I got something left behind in the car at the time of receipt. I would like to receive it? Is it?
We will deliver it to the airport at a charge of +1000 yen.
It is a mini bus as it travels with groups, but how much will it cost? Is it?
We will keep you at twice the price of ordinary car. (A plan limit is)
I would like to introduce a pet hotel? Is it?
We will introduce Pet Hotel Maki. TEL 0476-73-5684
Can you keep the keys of the car? Is it?
Since there is a movement of the vehicle, we keep the key of the car.
How often is the airport shuttle service (interval)? Is it?
Basically, we operate as soon as the procedure is completed, but during the busy season etc. we will operate at intervals of 10 minutes to 15 minutes.
I have a surfboard, but are you OK? Is it?
Yes, it is okay.
After arriving at the airport, would you like to have a shuttle bus after having a meal? Is it?
It is okay if you contact us after you arrive, please be sure to call me.
After arrival at the airport, is there a shuttle bus arriving in minutes? Is it?
The shuttle bus will pick you up normally within 10 to 15 minutes. It may take some time such as busy season.
How many minutes of the time would you like to arrive at the airport? Is it?
Since the procedure usually ends in about 10 minutes, it is let straw v that you can stock in about 30 minutes beforehand with some margin.